Next Generation Health Insurance

Next Generation Health Insurance

Effective Benefits.

PayrollPlans proprietary products combine proven medical insurance coverage with the newest healthcare delivery technologies including:

Primary Care

Access Anywhere

Same Day Appointments

Primary Care Physicans

Over 95% of routine doctor's visits can be resolved through virtual care

Medical, Dental
& More

In-person Doctor Visits

Urgent Care


87% of employees say medical benefits are crucial to accepting and staying in a position

Behavioral Health

Therapist Access

Mental Health Medications

Emotional Support

More than half of adults in the US with mental illness do not receive treatment
Major Medical Solutions

PayrollPlans Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) simplifies ACA compliance, provides employees with a broad selection of major medical plans and delivers a low cost solution for employers.

Low Cost Solution
Broad Plan Selection
ACA Compliance

The cost of medical care is localized. Individual major medical plans are priced to reflect the price of healthcare in each community, resulting in the low cost, high value, personalized coverage available.

Through our marketplace, employers are able to offer employees multiple plan options at lower rates with an automated tax-deductible reimbursement process, providing a more efficient and affordable path to compliance.

Insurance Benefits Simplified.

A Digital Solution Providing a Better Employer and Employee Experience

Effective Benefits

Payroll Interface

Carrier Connectivity

Digital Enrollment