Quantum Ecosystem Agility

Quantum Ecosystem Agility

An Insurance Delivery Platform Driven by
Purposeful Technology

Seamless and intelligent information processing between payroll, carrier, employer, and employee. Our fully-integrated model allows for real-time data transfer among partnered ecosystems.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Software architecture designed for scalable efficiency.
Faster Spin-up

A streamlined, agile implementation process starting at the payroll level. Implementation time is measured in days, not weeks.

Optimized Administrative Efficiency

Our consolidated digital workflow removes the paperwork and effort needed for setup.

Multi-Group Scalability

Operational elasticity creates the ability to upscale or downscale without affecting platform performance.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Synchronized, on-demand connectivity to integrate mobile enrollment, payroll, and coverage data at the speed of business.
Enhanced Employee Experience

API connectivity provides a highly personalized and tailored employee experience that educates the enrollee on the benefits and cost of coverages being offered.

Data Integrity

API pre-fill functionality eliminates repeat manual data entry, ensuring data accuracy, expediting enrollment, and preserving data integrity.


Change is inevitable and with API technology the system is inherently more flexible for vendors and employers.

Conformable Payroll Deduction and Payment Technology

One bill, one payment. We handle the rest. Technology does the work.
Automated Deduction & Remittance

No manual input is required by our clients. Scheduled deductions are setup via API with the payroll vendor and remitted per pay cycle to PayrollPlans.

Complete Cycle Invoicing

Eliminates reconciling invoices by the employer and payroll vendor. Our unique product features and processes allow PayrollPlans to manage the reconciliation process with our carriers, resulting in accurate reporting and disbursement of funds at the end of the month.

Cross-Carrier Premium Distribution

Our curated product offerings from highly rated carriers deliver real value to employees and their families. PayrollPlans collects, reconciles, and disperses premiums to multiple carriers. This allows for a single invoice process to the client and payroll vendor.

Insurance Benefits Simplified.

A Digital Solution Providing a Better Employer and Employee Experience

Effective Benefits

Payroll Interface

Carrier Connectivity

Digital Enrollment